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Scare-City 2

January 14, 2020

A border wall does not work in 2019 America. Immigrants cannot steal jobs, someone has to give it to them, willingly.

Podcast by: Erin Geraghty



Kate: Hey everyone. Welcome to Oz-onomics, a podcast created for and by students in introductory economics classes at SUNY Oswego.

GABRIELLA: In this series, we'll have discussions about various economic principles and how they apply to our day to day lives.

KATE: Are you ready?

GABRIELLA: Let's go.


ERIN: Are illegal immigrants stealing our jobs? Are Americans too lazy to do the dirty work? Who are the real illegal immigrants anyway? In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue to find the Americas, but they were already inhabited. Fast forward a few 100 years and Native Americans, otherwise known as indigenous people, make up less than 2% of the country that white colonizers corrupted. One of the biggest reasons I've heard about cracking down on immigration is that immigrants are stealing our jobs. How can a person steal something that no one is after? Immigrants make up a huge portion of harvesters, farmers and construction workers, more or less by dirty job? Please point me in the direction of the American 25 year old who's willing to scrub toilets for $13 a day. If anyone needs to be cracked down on it's the big bosses willing to pay illegal immigrants basically pennies rather than providing a real salary with benefits and insurances. Anti immigration is inherently racist. Most arguments against that I've heard our anti Mexican immigration not rushing our Canadian. It should be easier for immigrants who are already in this country to become citizens rather than being found out and deported. The US has not passed a major immigration reform legislation since the Reagan administration. Those are policies that date all the way back to the 1960s. Pro growth, immigration reform can raise economic growth as well as GDP per capita. It should be noted that immigration saves lives. immigrants are not always running to something a lot of times are running away from. Some countries have just been extremely corrupt governments and they need help. The United States has set itself as a pinnacle of opportunity and hope. But what are we saying to the rest of the world if only white people are allowed within our country's borders. Trump wants to withdraw from the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement. He doesn't see how his selfishness will corrupt Our foreign affairs and almost hand over the title of world's largest economy to China. The Secure Fence Act he wants to impose makes us seem untrusting and in turn makes the United States seem untrustworthy. It's been stated by the Washington Post that every fewer migrant in the United States as a result of the Secure Fence Act, GDP has declined by $30,000. And ironic enough, almost 50 people have come out in the past year admitting that they're illegal immigrants who have been hired by Trump or administration personally. You he will start to deplete the economy and force us to be completely self sustaining. Will that mean jobs in the United States, of course, but we don't have the same Natural Resources other countries have been able to provide for us? Well, Mexico will have a seriously difficult time acquiring petroleum, and we'd have to find a new source of oil. To add to this is so called wall the term wants to build is projected at $21.6 billion. This will cost at least $15 per American. He says this would increase lower skilled workers wages. But in reality, it would only increase wages by 58 cents. income of higher skilled workers like college kids like you and me, would fall by almost $8. Finally, the United States lose more than $4 billion a year. He's claiming that Mexico will pay for the wall. But what world would another country graciously pay for something so insulting and demeaning? Next heat, they are going to pay us back for the law? How? Where's the contract and Mexico said that they would fund our institutional racism. Finally, he says the taxpayers will pay for the wall. So what's the truth? I don't know about you. But I will not be supplying anything to help deter people from wanting a better and safer life. Not only that, it'll more or less stop any means a trade between Mexico and us and any other country that has a free trade policy. No, Mexico, no Canada, no Cuba, no anything. This only hurt the economy. immigrants are more likely to go to college and start their own business and stay out of illegal crime than a native born American. Maybe it's not that they're stealing our jobs. Maybe it's just that they're making some of us look bad. This wall doesn't work. I implore everyone to register to vote and vote for a safer Kinder country in 2020


MICHAEL: There you have a folks on another edition of Oz-onomics, where economics becomes easier for Oswego students to understand where you get your money that you pay for your tuition worth. If you feel like being ahead of the curve, grab a seat, grab your phone, shift your fingers left and right. And download Oz-onomics on the podcast app. See you later.

The introduction to this podcast was provided by Kate Soanes and Gabriella Schaff. Michael Kolawale provided the outro. Music by Lobo Loco.

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